Faculty of Communication

Faculty of science communication and multimedia is a new faculty opened by UMB Yogya since FY 2010/2011 and currently has conducted lectures. Is based on the founding faculty of the growing progress of science communication, particularly the field of broadcasting, public relations, marketing communications and advertising, and visual communication with increasing demands for workers in the field.

The vision is to become a center of education faculties in the field of communication that emphasize information technology, English language skills, entrepreneurial insight and professional ethics.




  1. Broadcasting
  2. Public Relations
  3. Marketing Communication & Advertising
  4. Visual Communication

Educational Facilities:

  1. Lecture Room with air conditioning and multimedia
  2. Communication Laboratory

Ease of Education to expedite the completion of the study:

  1. Remedial / repair test
  2. Got guidance intensive study completion either through email or face to face, so that the travel time of study for high school students / equivalent programmed for 3.5 years and bagimahasiswa transfer / D3 programmed pass 1 to 1.5 years.