Faculty of Psychology

Yogya UMB Faculty of Psychology was founded in 1993, to 1,459 in 2010 has graduated Bachelor of Psychology who work in various fields throughout Indonesia. Since 2000 until today, Faculty of Psychology has three times in a row to get the status of accreditation from BAN PT.

A. Bachelor (S1)

Psychology Studies Program (S1) (Accredited A)

S1 Psychology Studies Program aims to produce quality Bachelor of Psychology strong, virtuous and spirited leader with the character of competence as an educator, researcher, HR manager, Psychopreneur, counselors, community empowerment.

Educational facilities:

  • Laboratory Psikodiagnostika
  • Psikodiagnostik new test tool (up to date)
  • Distribution of work practices psychology profession
  • Lecture room with air conditioning and multimedia
  • Psychological Services Bureau
  • Space Counseling
  • Ease of Education

B. Graduate Program (S2)

  • Psychology Masters Program (S2-Science)

Accredited. Masters Program in Psychology with graduates M.Si aims to produce graduates who have the ability to master a variety of approaches. Scientific basis method with application skills and able to solve problems in the field of psychology and have the ability to develop their professional performance.


1. Industrial and Organizational Psychology

2. Educational Psychology

  • Master Program of Professional Psychology (S2-Profession)

Program Master of Professional Psychology graduates with Master of Professional Psychology (M.Psi) and obtain the title psychologist directs learners in readiness application of psychology expertise, with a concentration in education:

1. Industrial and Organizational Psychology

2. Educational Psychology

3. Clinical Psychology

PMPP Mercu Buana University of Yogyakarta will produce graduates who can master the competency theory, methods of assessment and intervention psychology, able to apply various methods of psychological assessment and intervention in accordance with the code of ethics of psychology Indonesia and able to manage the research results can be applied to solve psychological problems.