Faculty of Information Technology

Faculty of Information Technology offers the opportunity for young people to achieve a challenging career, diverse, and creative in the field of information technology and multimedia.

In today's era of information technology businesses require a lot of professionals in the field of multimedia-based information technology so that they provided many opportunities for graduates of the Faculty of Information Technology.

A. Informatics Engineering Program

Study Interests: Graphics and Multimedia, Software Engineering Intelligent, Computer Networks and Multimedia.

B. Studies Program Information System

Interests Study: Medical Information Systems, Mobile Multimedia Information Systems, Accounting Information Systems, and Management Information Systems.

Laboratory facilities

Computing and Databases, Network and Multimedia Laboratory, Laboratory stodio and Multimedia


Certification Microsoft, Cisco Certification, TOEFL


Information Technology Company, Hospitals, Mobile Software Development, Bank, Software Engineering, Self Employed, information technology consultant, Expert Information Systems in various departments, software programmers, technicians in various enterprise IT professionals, lecturers / teachers.

Manpower recruitment is often done Specials For Bachelor in Information Systems Campus by national companies and Pma.


  1. Information Engineering Program Mercu Buana University Yogyakartadiperuntukan for generasimuda who want to grow, develop insight Informatics and Multimedia as IT professionals in the global era.
  2. Information Engineering curriculum is based on competency and are sleek and strategically so as to ensure a high pass competence, graduate on time and quickly get a job in the field of Information Technology
  3. Informatics Engineering Program establish networking with universities in Indonesia and companies - private companies in the field of Information Technology.
  4. Informatics Engineering Program develops rekayasaPerangkat based Artificial Intelligent Software for multimedia, and Intelligent Systems.
  5. Certification for students in the areas of: CISCO Network Academic, Microsoft Center, and by means of a full lecture-based ICT and has excellent service.
  6. Pass the right time (4 years) and quickly get a suitable job.

Student Activities

  1. Institute Kemahasiswa
  2. Student Creativity Unit (Cyber Informatic)
  3. Student Activity Unit
  4. Trainings CISCO, Microsoft Academic
  5. Following the Indonesian Robot Contest
  6. Organize visits to various companies such as: PLN, PT. TELKOM, PT.SAMSUNG, PT. Polytron PT. Indosat etc.