Faculty of Teacher Training and Education

Aimed at providing quality teaching in the field of teacher training and education science educators to produce English and Mathematics are superior and professional multimedia and technology-based entrepreneurship.



Educational Facilities:

  1. The air-conditioned classrooms and Multimedia
  2. Language Laboratory
  3. Mathematics Laboratory
  4. Micro Teaching Laboratory
  5. Wifi Campus
  6. Special freshmen studying at Campus I, available scholarships fixed fees by 50% for 4 semesters (if the cumulative achievement index qualify then provided scholarships to graduating college).

Study program:

  1. English Education
  2. Mathematics Education


  1. Lecturer S2 and S3 in and Foreign graduates
  2. Materials lectures accessible through e-learning program
  3. Students are equipped with the expertise to teach Indonesian for foreign speakers (BIPA).
  4. Cooperation with several foreign universities
  5. Graduates who have a TOEFL score of 550 helped to obtain a scholarship for further studies abroad.

The mission of the Faculty:

  1. Creating educational personnel or academic personnel who have the knowledge and expertise to teach.
  2. Develop educational personnel or academic personnel who are capable of designing teaching materials using English and Multimedia Technology.
  3. Creating educational personnel or academic personnel who have an entrepreneurial spirit and innovation high.

Organizing Tridharma college culture (teaching, research, and community service) in the field of science education, and develop the use of multimedia technology for teaching purposes today and the future.