Faculty of Economics

Yogya UMB School of Economics was founded in 1986, so it already has a fairly extensive alumni network.

Dean is currently held by Dr. Raswan Udjang, M.Sc. Economics faculty of education in soft skills that are directed to the entire academic community sought to make the Faculty of Economics, a leading Indonesian and International insight in the field of education, research and community service in accordance with the ideals of the founders of UMB Yogya, namely Angudi Mulyaning Nations (striving for the welfare and prosperity of the nation ).

A. Program Management Studies (Accredited B)


- Business Management

- Marketing Management

- Financial Management

- Human Resource Management

This study program prepares graduates to enter the business lapanganpekerjaanberbasis as managers in various fields, such as finance, marketing, human resources and production. Alumni are scattered in various companies and partly become a successful businessman.

B. Accounting Studies Program (Accredited B)


- Computer Accounting

- Financial Accounting

- Auditing

- Management Accounting

- Taxation

- Accounting Health

- Banking

This study program prepares graduates to become a reliable financial management company in the field of auditing, accounting information systems and financial accounting. Graduates are also equipped with an entrepreneurial insight, so it can be a reliable businesses.

Education Facilities

- Accounting Laboratory

- Laboratory Management

- Lecture Room AC and Multimedia

- Available Studies Student Association (HMPS), Study Club and the business units that accompanied the students Lecturer / Practitioner directly with the aim of preparing students proficient work and entrepreneurship.

- For students who excel supplied a wide range of scholarships

- Lecture material can be accessed through e-learning programs.