Campus Building UMBY

Buildings lectures each Faculty and pogram Studies has its own place, integrated on a single location that is quite spacious with natural atmosphere on campus 1 Jl Wates Km 10 and Campus 2 with strategic location in Jalan Gejayan Yogyakarta. All on-campus arena has a WiFi Hotspot facility.

Campus Rector Building 1:

This building houses the University Center Mercu Buana Yogyakarta as Rector Building, University Administration, Bureau of Academic Administration Bureau, forcing registrations, Finance, Hall, ICT Directorate, Directorate of Marketing, Quality Assurance, Lab. Computers, Lab. Language, LP3M.

Building Fak. Agroindustri Campus 1:

This building is used for Agro Technology Studies Program, Livestock and Technology PertanianPertanian.

Building Fak. Economics:

Used to Study Management and Accounting in Campus 1

Building Fak. Psychology Campus 1:

Located in the northern most facilities on campus 1 Lecture, Laboratory

Library Building:

Central Library building is located adjacent to the University of Economics Building menghadapt to the North. Has a complete collection of books and equipped with computer and internet access freely Journal, Wifi hotspot.

Building Student Activity Unit (SMEs):

A building for the Secretariat and Student Organizations Student activities in the scope of UMB Yogya. The house is located on the north side of Building Psychology.

Building on Campus 2 Gejayan:

Used for college: Information Technology, Information Systems, Accounting, the Management, Communication Studies, Psychology S1 and S2.

Campus Hikmah Mosque Tawakal

Standing right in front of the campus 1 Mercu Buana University of Yogyakarta. The mosque is also the Islamic center in Yogyakarta UMB campus.

Other facilities:

  1. Field Basketball
  2. Field Futsal
  3. Field Volleyball